Three-mode software

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In the overview below the names and addresses of other researchers who have developed three-mode software are given. The list is not really meant to be exhaustive. I have primarily listed developers who might be willing to supply their software to third parties, either free or for a fee. If you are a developer of such software and would like to be included please send mail to Pieter Kroonenberg

Please contact the authors themselves to get the latest and most accurate information. Note also that the addresses were correct at the time they were entered but might have changed after that date.


MATLAB Toolbox for three-mode analysis

MATLAB Library for three-mode programs

MATLAB program for the Tucker3 model

MATLAB programs for Parafac models in signal processing

Common Principal Components Analysis

GEPCAM - GEneralized Principal Components Analysis with Missing data



PARAFAC with constraints/MATLAB/Pascal


(Analyse Conjointe des Tableaux quantitatifs/Joint analysis of quantitative tables)

SCA - Simultaneous Component Analysis

MIXCLUS3 - MIXture method of CLUStering for three-mode data


MR/3 - Multiresolution Software for Three-Mode Analysis

DATAN - Trilinear modelling for fluorescence and NMR data

SAS/CALIS - Multmode Factor Analysis

PARDEC - Package of Three-Mode Programs


PTAk - Principal Tensor Analysis on k-modes


NewMDSX - Library of multidimensional scaling programs

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