The Three-Mode Company now provides its windowed suite of programs for three-mode data analysis for its customers via this download page. The previous version of 3WayPack with the interface IF3 is a keyboard-based program and it can now be freely downloaded from the Download page. The latest version of 3WayPack with the windowed interface TWPACK can only be downloaded with the password supplied by the Three-Mode Company.

The TWPack program suite comes as a zipped file which only has to be unpacked. Demonstration data sets, output and input files are provided as well as an extesive helpfile which runs onder Windows. The same helpfile is available as a pdf-document (approx. 200pp).

The interface and analysis programs are separate programs written in Delphi and fortran respectively.

Any feedback on the suite will be appreciated. Please send you comments to
Pieter M. Kroonenberg, Leiden Institute of Education and Child Studies, Leiden University at kroonenb at

Downloading and using TWPack

3WayPack Icon

Registered customers with a valid password please click on the button below to download a copy of 3WayPack.

3WayPack Help Files

To assist in evaluating and trying out the programs in 3WayPack a special help facility has been constructed. It is an HTML document which should be located in a directory on the user's hard disk. Load the file called Helpfram.htm into your favourite browser and run the browser simultaneously with 3WayPack. Via links the HTML document can be easily navigated, and each menu item of 3WayPack is explained in the Help document. The Helpfile is already included in the basic download.

The help file and related files are all contained in the zipped file Please unzip this file in a separate directory, a subdirectory of the one where you keep the other program files (say, c:\IF3) would be a good choice.

[Download Help files] (470KB)


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Created: 23-12-1998
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