The Three-Mode Company has made available a fully working version of its original suite of programs for three-mode data analysis. The suite is fully functioning without any nag screens on Windows platforms before Windows 7. However, it cannot handle extremely large data sets.

There is a demonstration data set, which can be downloaded separately. It consists of the measurements of a triple personality Eve White, Eve Black and Jane in each of her personalities. Further details on the data can be found in the manuals which can be downloaded.

The downloadable version is Windows XP and earlier compatible but it is not a windowed one. It is menu-driven, but key-stroke-based. There exists a fully-windowed version of the the program but it is only available upon request for bona-fide (three-way) researchers. Please direct your enquiries to the email address below.

Any feedback on the suite will be appreciated. Please send you comments to
Pieter M. Kroonenberg, Leiden Institute of Education and Child Studies, Leiden University at kroonenb at

3WayPack (Windows XP version)

3WayPack Icon

The complete package is contained in a self-extracting setup file. Run this file and the program will be installed on your machine. Including data and the helpfile which should be opened in a browser.

[Download the installation package of 3WayPack (XP version) as an exe-file.] (3.6MB)

[Download the installation package as a zipped file] (1.6MB)

[Download Osgood data] (.5KB)

3WayPack Help Files

To assist in evaluating and trying out the programs in 3WayPack a special help facility has been constructed. It is an HTML document which should be located in a directory on the user's hard disk. Load the file called Helpfram.htm into your favourite browser and run the browser simultaneously with 3waypack. Via links the HTML document can be easily navigated, and each menu item of 3WayPack is explained in the Help document.

The help file and related files are all contained in the zipped file Please unzip this file in a separate directory, a subdirectory of the one where you keep the other program files (say, c:\IF3) would be a good choice.

[Download Help files] (470KB)


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