Photographs of Fellow Statisticians

(Mostly taken at conferences)


From this page you can go to the separate sections for various conferences at which I have taken photographs of my colleagues and some additional photographs of the surroundings of the conference as well.

Each conference has its own password, which is simply the name of the conference as specified in the link. The main reason for the passwords is that I do not want the pages to show up on search engines etc.

If you feel that your picture should not be there, please tell me.

Please feel free to post my picture of you on your own Website, but I would appreciate an acknowledgment. If you want to use the pictures of other persons, please ask them (or me) for permission. Not everybody likes his or her picture to be shown everywhere.

The Tricap 2009 pictures reside externally on Picasa, and were taken by various participants. To my regret I could not attend this meeting.


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