Three-way data sets

Analysed in: P. M. Kroonenberg, Applied multiway data analysis. Hoboken NJ: Wiley

  1. Aerosol particles in Austria (Puxbaum, Stanimirova)
  2. Diseased blue crabs in the US (Gemperline)
  3. Chromatography (Spanjer)
  4. Coping Dutch primary school children (Röder)
  5. Dutch hospitals as organisations (Lammers)
  6. Electronic industries (OECD, D'Ambra)
  7. Girls' growth curves between 5 and 15 (Sempé)
  8. Happiness, siblings and schooling (Davis)
  9. Multiple personalities: Eve White, Eve Black and Jane (Osgood & Luria)
  10. Parental behaviour in Japan (Murakami)
  11. Peer play and a new sibling (Kramer)
  12. Structure of the preludes of Chopin (Murakami)
  13. Dutch children in the Strange Situations (Van IJzendoorn)
  14. University positions and academics (Ceulemans)

Other three-way data sets

  1. Bus Learning-to-Read data.  [Data]   [Description]
  2. Basford Soybean data.  [Data]  [Description]
  3. Cantons Languedoc-Rousillon census data.  [Data]  [Description]
  4. Hayashi's growth curve data of Japanese girls.  [Data]  [Description]
  5. Meyer-Bendig-McDonald data and Bentler's Peer and Self-report data
    Scripts for analyses with SAS/CALIS provided (description adapted from SAS/CALIS Website.  [Description, Data and SAS scripts]
  6. Newcomb/Nordlie Interpersonal Attraction data. Provisional; needs further documentation  [Data]  [Description]
  7. Parker & Fleishman complex tracking data: Trials.  [Data: Original covariance matrix]  [Data: Smoothed nonsingular covariance]  [Description]
  8. Van den Boom Irritable babies data.  [Data]   [Description]
  9. World-wide Cancer mortality data.  [Description and Data]

If you would like to contribute data (including their description), either on this site of The Three-Mode Company, or via a link to your own site, please contact Pieter Kroonenberg: (kroonenb at

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