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Background to the Girls' Growth Curves Data

Data analysed in: Kroonenberg, P. M. (2008). Applied multiway data analysis. Hoboken NJ: Wiley.

The original study from which the present data were taken was initiated in order to get insight into the physical growth patterns of children from ages four to fifteen. Details about the study together with several analyses of the data for 30 normal French girls can be found in the volume Data analysis. The ins and outs of solving real problems. (Janssen et al., 1987).


Analyses of the same data in the same book

  1. Presentation of the French auxiological survey (pp. 3-6)
    M. Sempé and Groupe d'Auxiologie Médico-Sociale
  2. Introduction to the proposed solutions (pp. 7-12)
    P.M. Kroonenberg
  3. Solution using STATIS (pp. 13-30)
    Ch. Lavit and M.-O. Pernin
  4. Solution using SPECTRAMAP (pp. 31-48)
    P.J. Lewi, G. Calomme and J. van Hoof
  5. Solution using LONGI (pp. 49-66)
    J. Pontier and M.-O. Pernin
  6. Solution using clustering method (pp.67-88) A. Mineo
  7. Solutions using three-mode principal component analysis and some comparison results with the other approaches (pp. 89-112)
    P.M. Kroonenberg

Data description

Rows (1st mode): Girls

30 French girls

Columns (2nd mode): Variables

No.Abbreviation Description
3.crrumpCrown-rump length
4.head Head circumference
5.chest Chest circumference
6.arm Arm
7.calf Calf

Slices (3rd mode): Age

Ages from 4 until 15 inclusive.

Data arrangement

A three-way data array X = (x(i,j,k)) has the following form

                   |-----|    |i=2
              |-----|    |    |..
              |     |    |    |..
              |     |    |____|i=I=30    k=K=12
              |     |____|            k=2
              |_____|              k=1

The actual data file has the following form:

            |     |i=2
            |     |..     k= 1
            |     |..
            |     |i=2
            |     |..     k= 2
            |     |..
            |     |i=2
            |     |..     k=12
            |     |..

Thus the first mode (i) is nested in the third mode (k) and there are 30 (Girls) times 12 (Age) rows and 8 (Variables) columns.

Data handling


The data are generally preprocessed as standard multiway profile data. For details see Kroonenberg (2008). Applied multiway data analysis. Hoboken NJ: Wiley (Chapters 6 and 15).


These data have kindly been made available for bonafide researchers by Prof. Michel Sempé, Le Group Français d' Auxologie, Clinique du Val D'Ouest, 69130 - Ecully. Please be sure to quote the papers mentioned above and this website when using these data in a publication.

[Download the zipped Girls' Growth Curves Data]

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