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This three-mode encyclopedia aims to become a source for basic information on all aspects of three-mode analysis. It will contain brief items explaining the principle terms of the field, it will give classifications of papers according to the techniques used, techniques proposed, languages other than English, etc. In addition, it will contain information about fields of application, and which papers use three-way analysis from which substantive field. Furthermore, it will eventually contain tutorials on the major techniques using the most popular software, such as Kroonenberg's stand-alone programs, MatLab routines, etc.

This implies that both theoretical and applied topics will be included, primarily dealing in one way or another with three-mode component analysis, parallel factor analysis, three-mode common factor analysis and many variants. Less attention will be paid to individual differences scaling and three-mode clustering, and related techniques. Especially the applied literature on individual differences scaling is quite extensive and merits a separate bibliography. Part of this encyclopedia is based on Kroonenberg (1983).

For the future:

Contributions to the encyclopedia are encouraged. Bona fide three-way researchers may get access to the content management system in which this Encyclopedia is built, so that they can add and amend the document on-line with a simple editor without intervention of the Three-Mode Company providing this service.

NOTE: The Encyclopedia is permanently under construction, so that not all links might be operational at all times.


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The logo of the encyclopedia is taken from an etching of the Rotterdam statue of Desiderius Erasmus by an unknown artist. The etching, which shows the complete statue, is undated, but must have been made between 1677 and 1850. It was taken from the website of the Digitale Bibliotheek voor de Nederlandse Letteren. The story of the statue can be found at Many more pictures of Erasmus can be found on both sites. (Seen on 17/6/2005)

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