Three-Mode bibliography - In Parts

This bibliography aims to give a more or less complete overview of the three-mode literature to date. This implies that both theoretical and applied papers have been included primarily dealing with three-mode component analysis, parallel factor analysis, three-mode common factor analysis and many variants. In addition, a selection of papers are included dealing with individual differences scaling and three-mode clustering, and related techniques. Especially the applied literature on individual differences scaling is quite extensive and merits a separate bibliography. Part of this bibliography was published with abstracts in Kroonenberg (1983).

There are two parallel sets of lists in the bibliography, and each list is broken up into a separate pages for each letter of the alphabeth. The BIBLIO-files contain references without abstracts. As far as possible these references have been checked against the original publications for correctness. The symbol Ref.Checked OK indicates that this has been done. The symbol ** indicates the publication is not in my possession. The ABSTRACT-files contain references with abstracts but they have not (yet) been explicitly checked for correctness, and unfortunately not all references have abstracts. Note that one can easily jump back and forth between the two lists.

The bibliography is regularly updated and this is direcly done on the the site. Attempts have been made to make the navigation through this list as easy as possible by including frequent links to other parts of the list and related lists.

At irregular intervals the bibliography is converted to a BibTex file to be used with LaTeX documents and from there into a Postscript file, and a PDF file. The latest versions are from 27/11/2002.

There is an address list available primarily for those authors who have contributed to the development of three-mode methods in the past 10-15 years. The link to these authors is only given for the first entry of a person appearing as a first author. Only very few authors are included which are not first author on any paper. Often PhD students have made substantial contributions and have published papers based on their research with their supervisors. Their names are only included in the address list if they have continued to work in the field of three-mode analysis.

Contributions of papers to this list are welcomed. They will be included as soon as the paper itself is in my possession. At present, about 90-95% of the papers in the list reside in my archives, the missing ones are marked with an "**". If you have no luck whatsoever obtaining a particularly obscure paper, I am willing (within reason) to help you out with a copy.

NOTE: Both this list and the address list are permanently under construction, so that not all links might be operational at all times.


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