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On this page we refer to a number of useful websites, which may provide answers to methodological and statistical questions. In general, we prefer students to use their own textbooks, some of which are also available in the library of the Master Thesis Lab. However, when you are somewhere else electronic textbooks can be very useful. Furthermore, there are many statistical operations which cannot be carried out by standard packages and for which there are programs available through specific websites.

Statistical calculations One of the most comprehensive listings on the web of websites that perform statistical calculations. It is impossible for us to evaluate all of these and make specific recommendations. So you are on your own in this.
Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics: General statistical guidance can be found at this site. It contains:
  1. HyperStat Online: An online statistics book with links to other statistics resources on the web.
  2. Simulations/Demonstrations: Java applets that demonstrate various statistical concepts.
  3. Case Studies: Examples of real data with analyses and interpretation. Techniques illustrated are: Analysis of variance, Boxplot, Confidence interval, Contrast among means, Correlated t-test, Correlation, Histogram, Independent groups t-test, Regression, Repeated measures ANOVA.
  4. Analysis Lab: Some basic statistical analysis tools in particular numerical illustration for Descriptive, histograms, boxplots, t-tests, anova, chi-square tests, quantile plots, regression, etc.
SPSS Short Courses - University of North Texas The short courses contain guidance for carrying out analyses with SPSS and interpreting them. It contains both elementary and advance procedures such as t-tests, regression (including mediation, moderation, and categorical regression.

Electronic textbooks
HyperStat Online: An online statistics book covering more or less the topics of Moore & McCabe. Repeated measures analysis of variance is probably the most advanced topic.
The StatSoft Electronic Textbook. This is not really a textbook, but more of an extended statistical glossary which contains fairly general explanations of statistical methods and terms. It contains a wealth of techniques and provides references to more extensive sources.
StatNotes: Topics in Multivariate Analysis by G.D. Garson. A very extensive textbook, also including links to other specific websites.