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Statistics & Methods Centre - Selection of methods

There are several places and books which give an overview of statistical techniques. The link in the first section below leads you to a sight maintained by UCLA Academic and Technology Services. When you click on the SPSS-link it brings you to a page explaining how to use SPSS for the chosen technique. Some further aids for selecting between univariate techniques and multivariate techniques are given in the other two sections on this page.

General schemes for selecting a statistical analysis
The website of the UCLA Academic Technology Service is one of the more comprehensive and informative sites for software, examples of analyses with various packages, and links to statistical resources. Here we send you directly to their overview of statistical techniques.
Which statistical technique to use? .
The most detailed chart for selecting an analysis method
Chart based on thesis Van der Berg (1992)
Field's Method-selection chart
Andy Field's selection chart (Discovering statistics using SPSS - 2nd Edition)