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Statistics & Methods Centre - Specific software

Specific programs usually perform one specific type of analysis. Some of these programs are freely available on the web.

  • The FSW standard. The packages contains a wealth of options and is based on work by Peter Bentler.
  • The original SEM package with many followers. Not in the standard distribution of statistical software at the FSW. The package is very versatile and is based on the work of Karl Jöreskog.
  • The SPSS procedure for structural equation modelling.In Meyers et al., Chapters 14A, 14B, 15A, 15B, AMOS is used for structural equation modelling. However, AMOS is not part of the SPSS license of the Faculty and thus not freely available at the FSW computer system.
  • A comparable package with a number of special options for nonnumerical data. Not in the standard distribution of statistical software at the FSW. The package is based on the work by Bengt Muthén.
  • E-Prime, developed by Psychology Software Tools (PST), is a computer program which is popular for designing psychology experiments. It contains several subprograms:
    • E-Studio - Drag and drop graphical interface for experiment design.
    • E-Basic - Underlying scripting language of E-Prime (nearly identical to Visual Basic for Applications™).
    • E-Run - Once experiment design is complete, a single mouse click generates it into an E-Basic script. E-Run then affords you the millisecond precision of stimulus presentation, synchronizations, and data collection.
    • E-Merge - Quickly and easily combines your single session data files for group analysis.
    • E-DataAid - Data management utility that allows you to filter, edit, analyze, and export your data.
    • E-Recovery - Recovers data files in the event of early terminated experiments, or lost or corrupted files.
  • A general overview of the program can be obtained from the PST website.
    The Institute of Psychology offers courses on the use of Eprime, such as Experimentation I: Programming Psychological Experiments. There is also a related Blackboard module.
    When very complex experiments are designed, the E-prime progam installed on a Master Thesis Lab pc may require a "hardware key" (also known as "dongels"). When you really needed it, you can ask Dr. Gezinus Wolters of the Institute Psychology to use one of the hardware keys of the Institute
  • Related documents:
    1. E-prime: User's guide (not available on line; included with the software)
    2. Getting Started Guide. Psychology Software Tools, Inc. 2001 (pdf-document - 16MB!)
    3. E-prime 2. New Features Guide. Psychology Software Tools, Inc. 2001 (pdf-document