Master Thesis Lab

The Statistics & Method Centre

Statistical Advice
This part of the site of the Master Thesis Lab (MTL) is intended to help you with statistical questions, such as

  • Which statistical techniques are there?
  • How do I choose the appropriate technique?
  • Where can I find explanations of statistical techniques?
  • Where can I find examples of SPSS input and output?
  • How should I report the results of my analysis?
This and much more can be found on this website of the Statistics & Method Centre.
Personal Advice
The Statistics & Methods Centre offers the possibility to consult an statistical expert for your methodological or statistical problems, that is, after you've tried to solve the problem yourself or together with your supervisor. There are statisticians from each institute available for advice. The Master Thesis Lab has very flexible opening hours, but for advice on statistical and methodological problems you have to make an appointment with one of the StatSAMs. Such an appointment can be made at the MTL or by sending an e-mail to the SAM in attendance
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