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A repository of (out-of-print) three-mode books and theses

DSWO Press

The DSWO Press, an undertaking of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences of the Leiden University, has ceased to exist. However, the Three-Mode Company intends to provide access to the books on three-mode analysis that have been published by the DSWO Press by making PDF copies of these books available.

Maybe in a later stage we might consider something like printing on demand, but this will probably not be necessary, given the wide availability of high quality printers and copiers. Should you really need a printed and bound copy of any of the books available and the authors cannot supply you anymore with a copy, please contact us and we will give you a quote, but do not expect it to be cheap.

Other full-text three-mode books (or PhD theses) available at this site

Other full-text three-mode books and theses

Several authors, mainly of recent books and theses, have made their work available for downloading. Below is a list of those that are known to me. If you have a three-mode book or thesis you would like to include in this list, please send me the details.

Please note that even though the titles do not always suggest this, all books and thesis included in the list, deal in one way or another with three-mode or multi-mode (multi-way) techniques. In principle, they will appear (eventually) in the bibliography with their table of contents. Possibly e-mail addresses may be included as well, but they tend to be somewhat ephemeral, especially as many items are theses of people who have accepted jobs at other institutions than the granting university.

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